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Red Chickpea 

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The red chickpeas are less known but richer in protein than those of beige colour. The Red CeCe is an autochthonous ecotype of cultivated and guarded cece. It is characterised by its small size, rounded shape with a curly exterior and an intense red colour. The sowing follows the end of winter, to see the harvest in the months of July and August. Rustic in the needs does not need either special agronomic care or irrigation. Typical of the Alta Murgia Plateau, Ben has been able to adapt to the particularity of the territory of origin, with harsh winters and torrid summers, together with a particularly calcareous soil. The variety is endowed with excellent resistance to parasites and to long periods of drought; These characteristics have meant that it was selected and privileged by popular wisdom. From historical data it appears that it was abundantly cultivated towards the end of the NINETEENTH century: Given the shortage of animal protein in the daily diet, the CeCe was one of the pivotal foods of the food of the time. In recent decades, the red CeCe has risked being lost, it has recently been recovered from the agricultural realities, an activity that is still carried on today in order to continue to see this variety of cece on our tables. The lesser known among the varieties of chickpeas, those of red color.

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